Hamid Dayani - statement


I started to paint in my early teenage years.  Latter, in 1973 when I immigrated to the U.S., I studied art at two universities, in Chicago and San Diego.   However, my art pursuit was interrupted when I had to switch course and focus on professional career, first as a computer engineer and latter as a lawyer and consultant.  During these years I continued to paint and participated in a few group exhibitions.  However, just recently, after taking early retirement from professional career, I began to exhibit my work for larger audience.


The foundation and the source of my paintings are all the doodling that I did during my professional careers while in office or in meetings. Now I start my paintings with doodling on canvas using contour lines. During this process my mind is totally clear and my hands are totally relaxed, without any control, and almost in meditating state. I start my doodling from top left corner of the canvas and end at the bottom of the canvas, more like writing without any intentional content. Then the painting process begins. During the first stages of the painting a theme is developed and a tale begins to appear in the painting.  As the process continues forms and colors begin to tell a story. Then some of the forms disappear and some new ones appear till the painting and its story is complete.


Currently I divide my time between California and Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I paint most of my paintings.